Goodwyn Tea

Goodwyn is a producer owned tea brand. They have 5 flourishing tea estates spreading across 5000 hectares with a capacity of over 7 million kgs. By bringing single origin teas in exquisite packaging and different value added form directly from their estates, we want to ensure bringing authentic teas to their customers. They bring to you varied range of the highest quality premium teas, organic and handcrafted, whole leaf teas, naturally flavored teas and herbal infusions, value added with health enriching properties and exquisite packaging. 

oBlack / Flavoured Green / Oolong / Private Reserve Wellness

o Enveloped Tea Bags
 Loose Leaf Tea in Pouches / Loose Leaf Tea in Tin Boxes / Combo Packs FLAVORS:

o Aromatic / Caffeine Free / Darjeeling /Fruity /Light / Spicy / Strong / With Milk / Without Milk 
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